Bardonia podiatrist

Bardonia Podiatrist

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At Rockland podiatric Medicine PC, our Bardonia podiatrist handles all aspects of podiatry and foot surgery. We employ a revolutionary new method called the Stortz Shockwave for tendons. This therapy is a type of extracorporeal shock wave therapy and is a non-surgical procedure. It is safe and effective in relieving pain and healing the fascia of the feet. This revolutionary new type of therapy has helped many patients feel less pain and have faster healing, allowing them to go back to normal lifestyle activities quicker and with less recovery time.

What exactly does it entail? Our Bardonia podiatrist can explain more to you, but it is essentially used to stimulate healing of the plantar fascia. When used, it stimulates the sleeping tendon cells, prompting them to reproduce and make new collagen. It is used to heal the fascia, making them strong and healthy again. We can also use the light energy of healing lasers to penetrate into deep tissue and increase blood supply. This is highly effective in reducing pain and in speeding recovery. It helps damaged cells heal faster and quicker. We also treat other podiatry problems such as hammertoe, bunions, plantar fasciitis, ankle and heel pain, and more.

Our Bardonia podiatrist is open Monday through Friday during business hours for your convenience. You can also connect with us through social media, as found on our website. We’re happy to answer any questions and help each patient through the process needed for their feet to heal and to make walking fun again. If you are experiencing pain, call one of our friendly staff to schedule an appointment, ask questions and find out more about how our office can help you feel better today. Visit our website as well to find out more information about the variety of podiatry services we offer.

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