Bronxville foot care

Bronxville Foot Care

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Getting rid of calluses in Bronxville

Bronxville foot care
Bronxville foot care

If you have corns or calluses on your feet, you will want to visit us at Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C. Our expert foot doctors, just one of whom is Dr. John C. Marzano, will provide you with excellent Bronxville foot care to get rid of your corns and calluses.

When a patient has a callus on their foot, it means that they have an area of dead skin. Calluses are usually found on the soles of the feet. However, a patient can also get calluses on the palms of their hands. Corns are very similar to calluses, and are formed when pressure is very localized. However, both corns and calluses are basically an excessive build-up of dead skin. Both corns and calluses can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, or by wearing narrow or tight shoes. If you have diabetes, it is particularly important that you come in for treatment of any corns or calluses. Should infection develop in any of these areas, it may be difficult to treat if you have diabetes. Our foot doctor will tell you, when it comes to diabetic patients, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to foot care. It is important to have corns and calluses removed to prevent more serious problems from developing down the road. Incorrect foot alignment during walking can also contribute to the development of corns or calluses. If this is the case, prescription orthotics can be helpful by correcting your walking biomechanics. When a patient comes to our office with a corn or callous, the corn or callus will first be removed. Our foot doctor will then determine why it developed, and offer ways in which this Bronxville foot care problem can be prevented. Changing the cushioning in your footwear, orthotics or getting more comfortable footwear may help to protect your feet, as well.

For an appointment to come in to see our foot doctor for complete Bronxville foot care, simply contact us today.

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