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Bronxville NY Bunion Treatment

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Getting Rid of Bunions in Bronxville NY

Bronxville NY Bunion Treatment
Bronxville NY Bunion Treatment

Getting rid of bunions takes some simple and effective action. And here at Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C., we are dedicated to addressing those small bone-like protrusions that develop at the base of your big toe. We can also recommend ways to prevent future bunions.

When too much pressure it put on the big toe joint, a bunion is likely to form. Risk factors include wearing ill-fitting shoes, walking improperly, and having flat feet. Because women are more likely to wear high heels and footwear that is tight around the toes, they get bunions with greater frequency than men do. A bunion can be an inconvenience, but it is not uncommon for it to lead to pain, possibly severe. And when you cannot walk without pain, or even put on your shoe without wincing, it is time to turn to us for our Bronxville NY bunion treatment. The way in which this is approached will depend on how much difficulty you are experiencing. For minor instances, you might be able to just change to more comfortable and roomy shoes. Of course, that is always a good idea. Orthotics (shoe inserts) are very helpful. They redistribute your weight, which results in relief. And while it is not by any means the first choice, surgery can be a part of our Bronxville NY bunion treatment. This is generally considered when orthotics and a change in shoes are not sufficient to provide you with the needed results. If you do have to opt for a surgical solution, you can be assured that not only is our podiatrist highly qualified and experienced, but the procedure is simple and can be done right here at our office, on an outpatient basis.

Avail yourself of our Bronxville NY bunion treatment. Call our office to schedule an appointment right now.

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