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Foot orthotics in Bronxville

It’s bad enough to have foot pain, regardless of whether it’s in the heel, toe, or another part of your foot. It’s even worse to think that the remedy is a complicated and time-consuming one. We have good news for you here at Rockland Podiatric Medicine, P.C., however. And it can be found in foot orthotics; not just any, but ones that we have custom made for you.

When you go to your local drug store or supermarket, you probably see a selection of orthotics. These generic options are fine in a pinch, and especially if the aliment or condition that you are experiencing is mild. But what if your pain is moderate to severe? That’s when you should take advantage of our Bronxville orthotics. Our foot specialist will take impressions of your foot so that the shoe inserts are an ideal fit. So comfort is one very important benefit. Another is that the orthotics are designed specially to provide relief for the part of your foot that is being affected. Heel pain is one of the major reasons why our Bronxville orthotics are used. They’re also put into action for treating bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, and more. There are two ways that they lead to relief. One is by redistributing your weight so that it is not causing pressure on the joint in question. Another is by cushioning your foot. Many shoes simply do not give you the support required.

We all know that when you have healthy feet that feel well, it can be as if you’re walking on air. It’s as if you can do anything. Unfortunately, the opposite is true when you’re in pain or have a foot condition to deal with. Reach out to our office now and book an appointment to come in. Our Bronxville orthotics may be exactly what you need.

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