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Yonkers Diabetic Foot Care

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Yonkers Diabetic Foot Care
Yonkers Diabetic Foot Care

At Westchester Podiatric Medicine, P.C., we take Yonkers diabetic foot care seriously. It’s important for diabetics to find a foot doctor that knows how to treat diabetic feet for proper care. Diabetes affects millions of people across America, and can lead to severe health issues if not handled properly. Many diabetics suffer from major foot problems that, if not treated when issues arise, can result in more serious complications.

Diabetes is caused by an inability to produce insulin. Insulin helps keep blood sugar levels stable and under control. Overweight people are more at risk for developing diabetes, as are those with a genetic predisposition to the disease. Those who suffer from diabetes are more susceptible to issues with their circulation, which can travel down to the foot. Poor circulation can make sufferers lose sensation in their feet and leave them at risk for foot infections and problems that can lead to amputation or severe foot infection. Diabetics are at a higher risk for foot ulcers and skin problems as well. Your Yonkers diabetic foot care treatment program will consist of a combination of different therapies, depending on the severity and nature of your diabetes. Some patients may need to take insulin, while others may use oral medication. Blood sugar needs to be monitored and we recommend coming in for exams on a regular basis to check on the feet. It is essential that patients stay on top of their treatment and act in full compliance to help manage their disease.

We start our Yonkers diabetic foot care process with an initial exam to ensure the blood supply to the foot is adequate enough that sensation is still being felt in the feet. Any decrease in sensation can lead to infection. Side effects of poor circulation can result in peripheral neuropathy, where loss of feeling in the foot occurs, diabetic arthropathy, which is another name for diabetic arthritis, and vascular complications. With professional supervision and care, the complications will ease up and can be managed properly to avoid future problems with the feet. Because diabetics cannot fight infection as well as those who don’t have it, it’s especially important to make sure problems are caught before they start.

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