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Podiatrist in Yonkers

At Rockland Podiatric Medicine, P.C., our Yonkers podiatrist specializes in all aspects of quality foot care in a relaxed atmosphere for you and your family. We have been in practice for many years and our podiatrist specializes in foot surgery along with Pinpointe FootLaser and other procedures.

The Pinpointe FootLaser is a device that is used for effective treatment of fungal toenails and was developed by medical professionals. Over 3,800 patients have found treatment to be successful with this exciting new type of treatment. And now, you can have it done with our Yonkers podiatrist. Also, ask us about our Storz Shockwave for tendons and heels, a non-surgical procedure that is used to stimulate the plantar fascia and sleeping tendon cells to make new collagen. This procedure is designed to work with the body and heal the body’s fascia. We also specialize in sports medicine, for players and sports enthusiasts who have foot problems. Sports that are active and involve contact like soccer or football can take its toll on the foot, and need eventual care.

Our Yonkers podiatrist also does foot orthotics, which uses 3D technology to scan the foot to design a custom made orthotic for the feet to support your comfort. Regular care of feet is essential to keeping foot problems at bay. Most foot and ankle problems can be prevented with proper care. Some common foot conditions are arthritis, an inflammation of the joints, and diabetic foot conditions. Diabetics need to take special care of their feet. Treatment for all these conditions may range from orthotic shoe inserts, a specially designed foot support, which can offer comfort and pain relief, to surgery. Call our offices today to find out more about these revolutionary new techniques in foot care. We service patients on a daily basis in our friendly and knowledgeable office.

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