Yonkers toenail fungus doctor

Yonkers Toenail Fungus Doctor

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When fungus grows on your toenails, they become brittle, possibly painful, and definitely unpleasant to look at. For safe, effective, non-invasive treatment with the advanced Pinpointe FootLaser turn to us at Rockland Podiatric Medicine, P.C.

If your feet are encased in closed shoes, no one can see your toenails. But if you like to wear open-toed footwear, or walk around barefoot, others are going to notice the condition of them. You will likely feel self-conscious and awkward. In addition to the nails being brittle, they may yellow, crack, and split. Our Yonkers toenail fungus doctor can tell you that fungus loves warm and moist environments. And that’s why your feet are so prone. You should be careful when walking barefoot in locker rooms and communal showers, among other similar places where you could be susceptible to getting fungal nails. Wear flip-flops or shower shoes to keep your feet safe. Also avoid any towels or other items that could possibly be contaminated. As unsightly as your nails may be, the fungus could spread beyond your toes. Take prompt action. Come in to see our Yonkers toenail fungus doctor for an examination and evaluation. A nail culture may also be taken. Based on the severity of the problem, meaning how far the fungus has spread, and what condition your nails are in, our Yonkers toenail fungus doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment. Pinpointe offers excellent results, and is the state-of-the-art. It was approved by the FDA almost ten years ago, and remains at the forefront of toenail fungus treatment. We are proud to make it available to you, our valued patient.

Don’t let fungal nails cause you difficulties. There is something you can do about it, and you won’t have to undergo any pain or complications to get the desired outcome. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with our Yonkers toenail fungus doctor to take advantage of the PinPointe FootLaser.

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